Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday...again.

Even though Jessica's third birthday had long passed us by, we waited for Cousin Josh to catch up and then held the big family party. We had the perfect weather for some playing outside, grilling some yummy hotdogs and letting the kids run wild.

That Cousin "C"...what a slave driver!

After burning off SOME of the toddler energy, we moved the party inside for some yummy cupcakes and presents.
All in all, a great day with the fam! Thanks for coming everyone!


DAD/ POP-POP said...

It was a great day. Enjoyed spending time with you guys. I was told I could have a second cupcake but when I went back they were gone. Jan, please check the children's room as I was told the "P's" were the last ones seen at the food table.
Love To All

beth said...

Looks like an awesome time!!!!

Shelly said...

for lack of a better description--i love the *treehouse* picture--too cute with all of their faces smushed in there!

Mark Brooke Photography said...

looks like a fun day