Thursday, May 1, 2008

Five For Friday

Murphy's Law Version:

1. If it's trash day, the trash men will wait patiently at the end of your street until you have both babies read to and tucked in for afternoon naps and then they will come barreling and crashing down your street.

2. No matter how much prep you do (ie. filling sippy cups, checking diapers, doling out snacks, getting toys out, putting in the favorite movie of the week, topping off sippy cups), as soon as you try to talk on the phone, someone will need something desperately.

3. Even if you keep your pajama shirt on until the very second that you plan to walk out the door, someone will still manage to smear you with snot, tears, fishy cracker crumbs or worse.

4. When you finally break down and vacuum, someone will proceed to dump out the fishy crackers so they can "swim in the ocean" or throw Rice Krispy confetti or dump sunflower seed kernels everywhere right after you do so.

5. Toddlers will spend an entire playdate fighting over one toy, pushing each other, having temper tantrums, making huge messes, being "HUNGRY!" ....right up until you are ready to go. Then they will all settle down quietly on the couch to read a book together while smiling and chatting. Every. Single. Time.


Shelly said...

i can totally identify--i frequently dump out the so i can swim in the ocean. great minds think alike!

Bre said...

Oh yes, I know how this goes... especially now that my little one is getting a bit older. I think I show up at work every day, and church on Sundays with some kind of extra special present on me somewhere from my princess! I've had several students ask me if I ever wash my clothes, and my comment is always "my clothes are clean I just have a 1 year old". Then they laugh, and tell me it's funny that Morgan makes my clothes dirty all the time. Oh the life of toddlerhood; I wouldn't trade it for anything!

The Beaver Bunch said...

All of these are so, completely true. Can you explain, once more, what Five for Friday's are? I want to steal the idea, but 1st make sure I have the concept right.