Friday, May 16, 2008

Five For Friday

Today let's take a look at a few of my favorite places to shop on the great WWW.

1. Old Navy: Super cute, always stuff on sale, clothes for the whole fam and best of all...the $5 shipping. Um, with gas prices the way they are and the fact that the cost in effort and labor for me to load up two toddlers into car seats and trudge through the mall is about $42.50---it's a bargain!

2. Giant Giraffe: While down visiting my sister, Tricia, I helped her with organizing all the fun baby gifts that had been sent her way. I came across the most darling, thick, quality burp clothes in the most adorable patterns ev-ah that someone had very generously sent to her. So, being a Mommy to five and always being on the look out for cute baby gifts, I checked out the tag and then found my way to their website. And, oh my! Very cute stuff. The greatest patterns and materials. Seriously. Go now and check it out.
**Have you seen the new Gwyneth video on She is wrapped in her Giant Giraffe blanket. It's cute, isn't it?

3. Paper Trey Ink: Into crafting at all? Into supporting Moms who stay at home with their kids but get to do something they love, too? Nichole did just that when she created her own line of clear polymer stamps. She also sells the most beautiful ribbon, paper and inks in the most amazing colors and styles. Everything is top quality and packaged beautifully. I predict she will become the next Martha.

4. Title Nine: This clothing store for women rocks. I can't afford a single thing they sell, except maybe socks on a good week, but I love to browse. Once I bought something from their catalog and now I am forever on their mailing list. I get so excited when it comes. It's the perfect catalog for a grown up tomboy like me.

5. I use this site all the time. It's an off shoot of eBay for used products, but you don't have to bid. I use it to buy cheap DVD's for the kids and books for my book club here in town.

So, there. I have now enabled you to go shopping! Have fun!


e_susan94 said...

Hi Janet, It's Susan E. Remember me? Your husband and my husband Wayne played bball together (and went to school together (or you did?). It's been a long time since we sat together in the gym (pre kids?). you won't believe how I stumbled on your blog (I don't have one but want to one day!). Anyway, can you email me when you have time away from your hubby and kids? Thanks!!!

Janet said...

Hi Susan! Yes I do remember you! I'd love to email you, but you didn't have an email address attached to your profile. You can email me if you want at:
janetprentice at verizon dot net

The Smith's said...

Hello! I met Agnes at the Great Strides Walk at Duke, she told me that you like the stamps and the scrapbooks just like me! I see by some posts that she was definately right! :) I sell Stampin Up! Anyway, I love reading your blog- and thanks for the note you left on my blog awhile back.
Have a great weekend, God Bless.