Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today my middle son turned nine. We had a great family day of playing outside and after dinner had a big whiffle ball game with the neighbors. Time flies...I can remember the afternoon Ben was born. We were so excited to add someone to the family that didn't wear PINK! Love ya, Ben!

At 3 months old:

At two years old:

At three years old:

At four years old:
At five years old:
At six years old:
At seven years old:
At eight years old:

And today:


mattykir said...

Happy birthday Benny Boop Boop bidoo:)
Aunt Jenn

Shelly said...

aw, happy birthday ben!

Agnes said...

I too remember when you were born , Ben. I was there and was so happy you came into our family; our very first grandson! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Let's go to " Rita's" when I ccome up , on the 5th, to celebrate. Love you sop much. Grandmom K

Joel said...

i remember when ben was born...i didn't think it was a big deal then, but i still can't believe you managed to get pregnant and have a boy before our school year was up.

Janet said...

happy brithday i guess little benny

love your wonderful big sister britton