Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TAG! You're it!

I've been 'tagged' by the famous BIL. So, here goes....

What was I doing ten years ago:
Funny enough...about the same thing I'm doing right now. My girls would have been 3 and 1 and I was pregnant with Ben. We were getting ready to move into the house we are in now and I think all the moving put me into early labor for which I am very thankful....the boy was three weeks early and weighed almost eight pounds for goodness sake!

Five things on my "to do" list:
Decide what on earth I am going to make for dinner.
Exercise somehow with four of my five kids before dinner.
Put away folded laundry...the very hardest part of laundry doing.
Write a note to my very special, very cool friend and put it in the mail.
Change approximately three more diapers before bedtime, barring any anomalies.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Cure cancer.
And Cystic Fibrosis.

Three of my bad habits:
Not putting away folded laundry...see above.
Sarcasm....way too much sarcasm.
My minivan is atrociously messy. And I don't care.

Five places I have lived:
a city row house
a house
a dorm
an apartment
a house

Five jobs I have held:
Worked on the boardwalk in Ocean City---the best!
Assistant Diving Coach at our summer pool (back in the day I could do a mean inward somi)
Physical Education teacher

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DAD/ POP-POP said...

Boy, you certainly had an interesting life. All that and your so young.No doubt, you had interesting parents.
Love To All