Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three For Sunday

I know. I know. It's supposed to be "Five for Friday". Well, life gets busy and this will be more fun. I promise.

So, the husband and I took the big kids to a campground this weekend in South Jersey (Yes, there is a need to differentiate). Let's just say it was a bit, how shall I say this delicately....hick. Here's how I knew:

1. It seemed people had enough money for tattoos, but not teeth.

2. The lifeguard on duty spent most of his time chain smoking...I'm pretty sure that would have been frowned upon by the American Red Cross who gave him his certification.

3. Last, but by no means the least, there was a wedding at this the banguet hall. We then saw the bride and groom proceed back to their Winnebago with a "Just Married" sign hanging out front. Even the family dog celebrated with a glow in the dark blinking collar.


Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

oh my soul! i'm laughing so hard! that's too funny! we're going to a campground in a few weeks in WV...can't wait to have a "hick report" of my own! =)

MilePost13 said...

dang...that's more hick than you'll find down here in carolina...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? Name that tune: "D D dow dow dow dow dow dow dow" That was the theme from Deliverance. least some of your kids are not old enough to know any different!! LOL!

Shelly said...

i think we were at that same campground this weekend--lake garrison = scary. i needed a few more piercings and some tatts to fit in! yikes!

Kerry said...

Funny... although, I must say - I saw more hick and redneck living in Northern NY for 9 years than I ever saw growing up in East Tennessee! The preconceived ideas about where hicks and hillbillies are and are not is quite amusing!

Johnny said...

Hey Janet

Just bounced over to say "hi".

I'm friends with Greg & Kristin from way way back, and Greg sent me a link to check out your blog.

Peace & blessings


Sara said...

Oh my goodness, the picture you paint is hilarious!

~Sara in MD