Thursday, July 3, 2008

Family Vacation: The Beach

There are those among us who enjoy the beach, who can play for hours and explore and jump waves and be happy.

There are also those among us who come to dread the beach. The sand! The sand! Dread to the point dropping to the floor in pain and agony when they see their rash guard coming towards their blonde head. But, their Mom still makes them go.

*Some photos courtesy of Nate Lawrenson*


BluSkies80 said...

love the pics. janet, so glad that you had a nice time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Janet, I'm a lurker who came by way of Nate and Tricia's site. A lurker yes, but have never ceased in sending healing wishes.

The picture you just posted of your poor little guy covered in sand - I can relate to him. I love the beach, but hate sand stuck on me. Baby Powder came to my rescue thanks to a tip from a friend’s sister. We were at the beach one day with her toddler who was covered literally from head to toe. I was cringing at the sight of little Nora. Her mom whipped out the baby powder, put some in her hands and on Nora and I literally watch rub the sand off. Not only does the sand fall off, it leaves the skin smooth and smelling nice!! It’s AMAZING and to this day never go to the beach without my baby powder. All the kids come to me for it now to clean off their feet before we leave!! If you haven’t heard of it before, give it try next time you go.

Happy 4th to all of you,
(Phoenixville, PA)

Janet said...

poor little jackie maybe he will turn out like josh, josh hated the beach before and then when they went down again he liked it by the time he had to go home