Saturday, July 19, 2008

The End

Today was the last swim meet of the season for my little swimmers. They did a great job and both girls have qualified for Championships. Here are some fun videos of youngest to oldest (Ben, Britton, Bryanna) doing Butterfly.

Ben freestyle:

Britton backstroke and fly:Bryanna free:


Tricia said...

love it. wish i had some swimming skills like my neices and nephews. way to go bry, britt and ben.... wish i could be there to route you on!

aunt t

Brianne said...

I LOVE swim meets. I am basically forcing my children to be on the swim team (not forcing, strongly encouraging, maybe :o) ). My little one now loves going to the meets and screaming because of all of the noise. This is one of my favorite sports to watch. I really wish that I had the skills to swim all of those styles, too!! Your kids did a great job.

Megan & Company said...

Britton still owes me a race. A real one. I'll have to come to the pool so I can show her that the ol' dog still has some tricks. Or something like that.

Janet said...

hey i would love to race just dont call grandmom to hug you when you lose big time.


Agnes said...

Spectacular,beautiful and WOW!!!