Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Request:

For those of you who don't know, my sister Tricia ,who received a double lung transplant a few months ago, is headed back to the hospital for a Pet Scan and a biopsy due to a growth on her lung. She and her husband Nathan attend Nags Head Church in NC and their Pastor (Nate's dad) has issued this request on Nate's blog:

I'm pirating Nathan's blog for a short request since his readership is way more than mine.

A great suggestion was made to his last post about dedicating the hours of 7-10AM EDST tomorrow, Wednesday, June 11 to pray specifically for Tricia's tests and her health. I've asked my church to join in and now am asking you to be a part of a huge breath of prayer ascending to the throne of God on her behalf.

If you can and will find a quiet time during those three hours, please do so. I'm seeing to it that our church will be open for those who want to come here and pray as well, although your location isn't important.

Thanks for all the support you have given thus far. Their journey isn't over and you're needed again.

Rick Lawrenson


MilePost13 said...

Thanks, Janet.

e_susan94 said...

Janet, praying for you and your family and specifically for Tricia. I know I won't forget but I even added a reminder on my cell phone to pray.

I hope we can get together soon for some Starbucks and/or with the children for a playdate too. I'm so glad we reconnected again after all these years and perfect timing to be praying for your sister too.

This week I'm planning a double birthday party for my two boys (age 3 and 5) and so any time after that we can make a date. :)

Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

We're praying this am for Tricia and the entire family!

beth said...

praying 4 u all friend!