Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ta da!

Ladies and gentlemen! My blog construction is complete! I am finally happy with it and will now leave it alone and go back to raising my children and making dinner and cleaning the house...well, let's not go CRAZY!


Michelle said...

it's gorgeous! who's your totally awesome design consultant? ha!

Patty said...


Anonymous said... that I can't leave comments on your erarlier posts becasue it says it can't find your blog...I will leave it here on your "new" part from an old post...SO reffering back the the whole amn who shops thing? Remeber...John shops. Shall I hide him? I LOVETH your new look :)

beth said...

So happy to see u on the blogging thang again.....
Love the background, you are such a computer smarty pants..hahaha!;)
see u soon