Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big and Little

Here is my oldest with my youngest daughter after church today. They matched. I couldn't help myself. They are too cute! And....time flies! I'm too young to have a teenager!


beth said...

Hard to believe one will be starting school while the other moves onto college....r u sure u r old enough to have a teen?????......They r both lovely!!!!!
can't wait 2 see u soon
miss u lots friend!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys! look so pretty. You are such a confient beautiful girl. When you ran up to me in Mack and Manco I just couldn't believe that you have turned into a WOMAN! WOW! Time flies!!

Agkirsch said...

You do not have a " teenager", you have a young lady!! Just ask Bryannna about the " granny" lecture I gave her on not becoming a " teenager". O, yes you are way too young to be the mother of such a mature young lady but you the a great one nevertheless. Love you all.

JENNIKIR said...

OK, when did you start blogging again? I am SO out of the loop. I had major catch up to do just now, and i LOVE the new back drop, i am into poka dots and orange right now:)